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If you are thinking of leaving an abusive relationship, this can be a difficult time. There is a greater risk of violence when an intimate relationship is ending. You can get support and plan for you and your children’s safety.


Plan for your safety

Shelters and Support






  • Findhelp
    1-800- 836-3238
    TTY: 1-888-340-1001
    A community agency that gives information in many languages. They take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Community Legal Education Ontario / Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario (CLEO)
    CLEO provides a directory of legal resources, information, and referral services for service providers and families who need information about family law and courts in Ontario. Topics include family law services at Ontario courts, family violence resources and resources for children, youth, and parents. CLEO also produces a legal rights handbook, “Do you know a woman who is being abused?” and provides plain language legal information on many topics.
  • Your Legal Rights
    Provides legal information for community workers and advocates who work with low-income and disadvantaged communities. CLEONet has resources, news, events, and webinars produced by community organizations and legal clinics across Ontario.
  • Community Legal Clinics
    Find a community legal clinic near you.
  • Lawyer Referral Service
    1-800-268-8326 or 416-947-3330 (within the GTA)
    By calling one of these numbers you will get the name and number of a lawyer who will provide a free half hour consultation. Please note that they will only provide one referral per legal issue.
  • Legal Aid Ontario (LAO)
    LAO has a “Domestic Violence Services” program for people who are experiencing violence and need urgent legal assistance. If your partner has abused or bullied you, you can get a legal aid certificate for two hours of free legal advice. You will have to go to a community legal clinic or women’s shelter to get a form called “Advice Lawyer Family Violence Authorization”. LAO also provides other types of legal aid.
  • The Ontario Women’s Justice Network (OWJN)
    OWJN provides accessible legal information for women and their supporters in a manner that reflects the diverse experiences and realities of women, promoting an understanding of the law with respect to violence against women.
  • Sexual Assault is a Crime
    Legal information from the Scarborough Hospital Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Care Centre.
  • Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies
    Works with and for women and girls in the justice system, particularly those who are, or may be, criminalized.
  • ARCH Disability Law Centre
    Legal information and resources for women with disabilities.
  • The Government of Canada: Department of Justice
    Provides general information on Family Law, Criminal Justice, Canada’s System of Justice and Laws within Canada. Here you can also access information on programs and services for Youth and Adults. In addition to Jobs and the Workplace.  For legal advice speak to a lawyer.
  • The Government of Ontario: Ministry of the Attorney General
    Here you can find general Information on finding a lawyer or paralegal, family law, court services, criminal law, human rights, and family justice. For legal advice speak to a lawyer.
  • Foreign Affairs
    Useful information on children and travel abroad, child custody, child abduction, and more.
  • Court Prep
    An animated web site for youth who are going to court. Includes witness tips, justice procedures and an interactive courtroom. Developed by the Scarborough Hospital Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Care Centre and Toronto Child Abuse.
  • Ontario Human Rights Commission
    416-314-6266 or 1-866-625-5179
    The Human Rights Legal Support Centre offers legal services to individuals throughout Ontario, who believe they have experienced discrimination. The website provides definitions of sexual harassment and workplace guidelines as well as information on how to participate in the human rights system