This webinar will be helpful for anyone who is thinking about starting their fertility journey and needs legal information about the process.

The webinar will address:

Please join us to learn about fertility and third party assisted reproduction law, including Q&A

This webinar is part of the Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) series.

Hosted by METRAC: Action on Violence, with guest presenter: Family Law Lawyer, Kelly D. Jorda

This webinar looks at the Family Court process and reviews which court to go to depending on your family law issue, some common court terms, the steps leading up to trial, and how to work with your lawyer outside and inside the courtroom. METRAC’s Legal Director is joined by practicing family law lawyer, Jenna Beaton, from the law firm Martha McCarthy & Company.

This webinar is designed for community workers and advocates who support women in finding a family law lawyer. It is a discussion about where to look for a family law lawyer, how to choose and work with one, and some options for clients who aren’t satisfied. The discussion will focus on issues primarily from a woman’s perspective, and consider options for low income women, women in abusive partnerships, women whose first language is not English, and women with disabilities.

If you are a woman who has experienced abuse in your relationship, and you and your partner are going to Family Court, it can be important to tell the Court about the abuse. This webinar in the Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) series discusses ways of trying to prove abuse in your case, and when it can affect the Court’s decision. METRAC’s Legal Director, Tamar Witelson, is joined by family lawyer, Malerie Rose, of Rose Family Law.

How can a survivor of intimate partner violence make the most of the working relationship with their lawyer in a family law case? How can misunderstanding and further trauma be avoided? This webinar will discuss best practices for an effective and efficient lawyer-client working relationship, and what survivor clients can and should reasonably expect and ask from their lawyers. This new webinar from the Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) project, is presented by Tamar Witelson, Legal Director at METRAC, and Kerry K. Gearin, Family, Child Abduction & Child Safety Lawyer.

Mediation is a legal process that can be used to resolve family law issues without going to court. This webinar will talk about the process and outcomes of mediation, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of choosing this approach in the context of family court and child protection proceedings. This webinar will also address factors to consider before choosing mediation, including the presence of domestic violence. This webinar is part of the Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) series, co-presented by Roxana Parsa, Program Lawyer and Legal Information Coordinator at METRAC and Paula McGirr, Senior Barrister and Solicitor, Legal Aid Ontario.

This webinar addresses the particular family law issues facing LGBTQ families. In particular, we address:

What goes into the decision to parent for LGBTQ families?

How do LGBTQ people build families?

How is legal parentage established?

What are the particular challenges facing these families when relationships breakdown?

This webinar is part of the Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) series, co-presented by METRAC’s Program Lawyer Roxana Parsa and guest presenter Kelly D. Jordan, Principal Lawyer with Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm in Toronto, Ontario.

This webinar will address:

The definition of Family Violence now included in the Divorce Act and Children’s Law Reform Act in 2021
Tips on how to use the definition of family violence in your court documents
Gathering evidence about Family Violence

This webinar is part of the Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) series, co-presented by Andrea Collins-Fitzpatrick, Legal Director, METRAC: Action on Violence and guest presenter Family Law Lawyer, Kerry Gearin.

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