Preventing Bias in Service Delivery: A Child Welfare Lens

The webinar addresses the impact of the intersectionality of gender-based violence with unconscious bias through a Child Welfare Lens, you will learn about:

  • Equity Work is Emotional Work – Expanding our E.I. and not our I.Q
  • Identifying Systemic Barriers & Roots of Oppression
  • Unconscious Bias and Intersectionality through a Child Welfare Lens
  • Exploring Pathways to Social Justice within Gender-Based Violence
  • How to be an effective ally within the systems and structures?
  • Please join us as we engage in critical dialogue to explore the intersectionality of anti-oppression and the Child Welfare system, including Q&A

This webinar is part of the Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) series, co-presented by Estella Muyinda, Interim Legal Director, METRAC: Action on Violence and guest presenter Jean Samuel, President & Owner at Arise International Promotions.

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